Tecfen Medical®

An American company recognized globally as a source for the highest quality and technologically advanced medical products. It has been distributing medical disposable products to doctors, clinics and hospitals in over 120 countries for over 35 years. Tecfen Medical®, an EN ISO 13485:2012 and ISO 9001:2008 certified company.


Product Categories


Ophthalmic Surgical Products

Post Cataract and Post Refractive

Microkeratome Blades

PVA and Cellulose Eye Sponges

Ophthalmic Knives and Blades

Ophthalmic Surgery Drapes

Ophthalmic Cannulas

Trephine Blades and Accessories

Post Cataract Kits

Post Cataract Sunglasses



Post Refractive Kits


Post Refractive Sunglasses

Eyeshields and Goggles

Dry Eye Products

Diagnostic Strips

Moisture Retention Eyeshield

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