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Introducing the new and innovative Amnio Tek™ processed human amniotic membrane representing the latest in regenerative biologics technology for the ocular surface, Available in three sizes:

Amnio Tek (3*3 cm)
Amnio Tek -P ( 2*1.5 cm)
Amnio Tek -C (12mm in diameter)


AmnioTek™ / Amnio Tek -P/AmnioTek™-C offer the opthalmic surgeon an effective, natural, minimally processed dehydrated, device-like amniotic membrane tissue featuring anti-inflammatory and anti-adhesive properties ideal for wound covering and wound healing applications.

AmnioTek™ / Amnio Tek -P/AmnioTek™-C amniotic tissue meets the most stringent donor screening and serological testing standards to ensure safety.

AmnioTek™ / Amnio Tek -P/ AmnioTek™-C are delivered sterile, dry and with a 3 year room-temperature shelf-life greatly reducing storage and shipping logistical costs incurred by other frozen allograft technologies.


Inherent properties of Amniotic Membrane:
  • Reduces scarring
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Anti-infective properties
  • Reduces vascularisation



Indication for uses:
- Conjunctival surface reconstitution :
  • Ptrygium Surgery
  • Chemical burns
  • Conjunctival Chalasis
  • Leaking Bleb
- Corneal surface reconstruction :
  • Non healing PED'S
  • Neurotrophic Ulcers
  • Keratitis Sicca
  • Over-Lay Post- PRK


AmnioTek in Pterygium Surgery
by Dr.A John Kanellopoulos

Amniotic Membrane Disc

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